Due to lack of interest and time, I’ve decided I no longer want to run ETA anymore. With the team change (and the time change) it’s become harder to keep up with all thing Tango and update you guys. Also, since I’m nearing the end of my junior year of high school, I’ve been considerably less focused on tumblr, both personal and otherwise, and more focused on not failing miserably.

    If you want to take over Eric Tangradi Appreciation and keep it going, I’d be more than happy to give you the log-in information. It would suck to see this blog not being run at all. But, if none of you have that desire, I will most likely delete this blog altogether. You can let me know if you’d like to take over either through the ask box or by any of the means listed under “Contact Me.”

    Thanks for all of the support, guys!

    Much love,


  3. Eric Tangradi

    vs. Pittsburgh


  4. Eric Tangradi

    vs. Penguins


  5. Eric Tangradi

    vs. Penguins


  6. Eric Tangradi postgame - 2/15/13


  7. Could one/some of you do me a favor and make sure you can read everything on the blog? I changed the colors to match Winnipeg. Please and thank you!

  8. Eric Tangradi - morning skate 2/15/13

  9. Eric Tangradi - morning skate 2/15/13

  10. crosnealkin:

    This is amazing

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  11. "Kind of like seeing your ex-girlfriend at the bar the next night."
    — Eric Tangradi on facing the Penguins in his first game as a Jet (via b-orpik)

    (via just-dangles)

  12. A sweaty — and very out-of-breath — Eric Tangradi discusses playing his former team in his first game as a Jet and his role on the team.

  13. Happy Valentine’s day to all of you!


  14. Winnipeg acquires F Eric Tangradi from Pittsburgh for 7th round draft pick.


  15. FINAL: PIT- 2 OTT - 1 (SO)

    After a two-game losing skid, the Pens finally found their sea legs and got it done in the shootout tonight. Tango played really well tonight. He’s received plenty of praise from the men of postgame as well as Steigy and Bob. Creating scoring chances, throwing the body around, all of the things he’s been asked toto do, he’s done so far, I think. Jay mentioned powerplay time in his postgame remarks. I thought that was a decent idea. He’s at least earned a small chance, no? Anyway, no stats to report. I haven’t heard of official TOI yet, but I’m sure it’s higher than last year’s norm.

    The next game will be Tuesday vs. Islanders at 7:30 PM. See you then!